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At Kinetesis Spine & Joint Clinic, our goal is to provide safe, effective, and researched therapies for muscle and joint pain. Starting in 2015, we are going to post monthly research briefs summarizing the latest in the muscle and joint research world.

Spinal Manipulation Vs. NSAIDS for Acute and Subacute Back Pain

Posted May 6th, 2015 By Dr. Nick Stryniak, DC

In February of 2015, the SPINE journal released an article comparing the effects of Spinal Manipulation and usual medical care for acute and subacute low back pain. Spinal Manipulation demonstrated superior results when measuring pain levels (0-10) over 4 weeks and 3 months follow ups. These results are believed to be due to tactile stimulation, muscle spindle stretch response and other physiological advantages typically associated with spinal manipulation.  With these results in mind, we  believe co-management with physicians even superior results can be achieved.

Lumbar Spinal Stenosis Multi-Treatment Approach Demonstrates Significant Improvement

Posted April 6th, 2015 By Dr. Nick Stryniak, DC

Spinal Stenosis is associated with reduced mobility, independence and a higher rate of morbidity. This study demonstrated that interventions including education, exercise and manual therapy, such as Cox Spinal Decompression and Chiropractic Care , demonstrated a significant improvement in patients with neurogenic claudication (symptoms of Spinal Stenosis) over a 6 week plan.

Spinal Manipulation Outperforms Gentle Stretching & Mobilization For Pain Relief

Posted March 4th, 2015 By Dr. Nick Stryniak, DC

Just last year JMPT (The Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics) released an award winning paper on the effect of spinal manipulation on activation thresholds of the lateral thalamic neurons in the spinal cord. This is one of the first papers to measure and demonstrate the direct relationship between spinal adjusting and pain levels.